Honor Reveals Concept Phone Purse at IFA 2023

Foldable Phones

Speaker 1: Honor v per this NEDA Future idea fund. It’s the primary time we contemplate, I imply not from know-how viewpoint. We contemplate from the fasten viewpoint what sort of each day life must be in our life sooner or later, what sort of design philosophy we are able to add within the smartphone business. [00:00:30] Not solely does a perform, the parameter, the efficiency, the muscle mass, we are able to have one other option to see our digital life. The cellphone may be like this. Yeah, may be so braided. So this the magic void from cellphone to per. [00:01:00] Yes. Thank you. I imply after we change the person website, we have now a number of answer. And with new honor v plus, we wish to be every thing. So be the so standing and likewise pursue the acute design. Of course [00:01:30] honor v plus will break our document simply now we are saying computerized V two. The thickness is 9.9 millimeters. We carry the picture cellphone into the millimeter arrow with honor v plus the thickness, we’ll problem lower than 9 millimeters [00:02:00] on the thinnest. The foldable enjoyable and it is so standing, a gorgeous design. It’s even thinner than at the moment is a barone. If you’ve gotten Samsung Gatx S 23 er, I can assure to you honor v plus is thinner than Gatx. SSS 23 er. [00:02:30] But please keep in mind this can be a foldable cellphone. It’s unbelievable.

Speaker 1: And you’ll be able to design your purse, you’ll be able to personalize your fashion, customise your purse fashion down and likewise you could personalize either side. Not solely this additionally, [00:03:00] yeah, one other aspect. So I imply your private, your most favourite one. Of course you’ll be able to change the straps and chains like this. I do know at the moment for Lady [00:03:30] Waters, you’ve gotten a number of luggage When you put on some costume, so ing or celebration, you may face a giant expertise. You at all times discover you lose one. You actually wanted the purse. But with the Honorable purse, they’ll excellent match your outfit [00:04:00] like this. Oh, like this Y okay, present for the woman and gents. Honor v Purse, I imagine noticed your massive requirement. Now you’ll be able to change your purse now anytime, wherever you’ll be able to personalize your [00:04:30] most favourite purse, your most favourite design. And then at the moment the width, I imply the honorary purse. We can enhance and client the self expression within the totally different event. We wish to which have the very specialised purse to indicate that my emotion [00:05:00] and likewise the changeable based mostly on the time, based mostly once in a while and likewise based mostly in your emotion. By the best way, for instance, in the course of the enterprise assembly, you wish to be skilled. You can use this type of purse.

Speaker 1: When you buy groceries you’ll be able to change this one. [00:05:30] Or oh, whenever you stroll on road, the purse may be like this. And then whenever you’re shifting, then so the motion, different prayer make you so fascinating. You are the most well-liked one. You appeal to eyes [00:06:00] whenever you stroll to any workers. This will likely be our each day life. This would be the new lifecycle. And in fact you’ll be able to work together together with your purse. When you contact it, they’ll really feel and offer you respect. And additionally the best way for digital the trail and likewise can change [00:06:30] by the point in daytime it’s basic. During night time the truthful flights will come out. It’s actually wonderful. You can think about a number of issues that we are able to do with honor stories.

Speaker 1: So right here we even have a number of trendsetter or designer be part of us [00:07:00] with honor Plus we wish to present a design platform. And the worldwide designer and artist can use this. I imply the platform designed their most favourite, the purse such like this one, this Mexico, the artist, they use this. I imply the setting safety idea is say the algorithm [00:07:30] to awake the those that to guard the setting and likewise the character strains. The nature is so good and exquisite and colourful and we are able to, with honorary purse, we are able to display how stunning of the character and this mirror the cellphone improvement. [00:08:00] It’s like a mirror as noticed that we combine a number of perform.

Speaker 1: It additionally may be the best way to indicate the worth of the flower. The flower can even let you know right here it is emotion, it is feeding. And for the hand on this flowing to indicate that ourself, [00:08:30] I imply the worldwide designer and the artist, they’ve so unbelievable. The thought I believe make our artway course of so good. So right here I additionally wish to use this chance to ask the worldwide designer to hitch our this, I imply the exercise that we are going to use, the open on [00:09:00] design platform. I imply the competition, the unbelievable purse design will come out so everyone can be part of.

Speaker 1: So at the moment I’m in if a state, we launched the brand new idea cellphone proprietor. Just wish to value our design philosophy. Smartphone not [00:09:30] solely give us the comfort that assist us enhance the each day utilization, each day life additionally generally is a trendy standing, horny and wonderful present that we are going to wish to work with the business, with the designer, with the artist collectively to carry the professional design to the top client. [00:10:00] And as a challenger, I believe for R at the moment, only a begin, we’ll promote a number of the great idea to the business. Okay? Today I wish to use a video to make a abstract about honor press. Please have a look.

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