9 COVID-19 fatalities have occurred in the last 24 hours


Nepal registers 143 COVID-19 cases

Nepal’s health ministry confirmed that the national COVID-19 tally had reached 909,375 on Sunday. This development came about as 143 new COVID-19 cases came to light in the past 24 hours.

1,980 swab samples were tested using the RT-PCR method, and 141 were confirmed to be infected. An additional 353 people took the antigen test, and 2 of the samples contained coronavirus.

Currently, PCR testing holds 7.12 percent of the positivity rate, and 0.56 percent of the positivity rate is held by antigen testing. Thus, the overall per-day positivity rate is 6.12 percent.


Nepal has 7,713 active COVID-19 cases, and 589 are hospitalized. 197 infected are receiving intensive care, and 49 people are battling the virus on ventilators.

Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP)

While 9 people succumbed to the viral infection, 563 people have recovered from the deadly virus.

Nepal has witnessed 795,397 COVID-19 infections, and 11,448 lives were lost due to the virus. Nepal’s recovery rate stands at 97.6 percent, and the COVID-19 induced mortality rate is 1.4 percent. None were vaccinated in the country on Sunday.

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